Report on the 'AGM' 2018


Monday 22nd January 2018 saw the 64th Annual General Meeting of MCM. Below is a summary of the evening.


The minutes were read and agreed from the 63rd AGM.

Secretary's Report (Martin).

Academy of Magic Report (Eric Leonard) - 2 members at the moment but many have progressed to the main circle this year.

Treasurers Report (Steve Lewis) - The audited accounts were presented and explained. Ian & Dianne Morrison had completed the checking.

The Joining Fee will remain at 30 and the annual subscription will be raised to 36.

Expenses (Honorariums) were left at free subscriptions + payment equal to one years' subscriptions.

Election of Officers was as follows - President 2018 = Nimmo Clarke, Vice President = Steven Ashcroft, Secretary = Martin, Treasurer = Steve Lewis.

Committee = James Baker, Eric Leonard, Tony Southwick, Jimmy Willis.

Auditors = Ian & Dianne Morrison, Website & Newsletter Editor = Martin, Circle Historian = Norman Phillips, Welfare Officer = Sheila McTiernan


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