'Ace Magic Studios' Dealer Demonstration


Monday 15th March 2021 saw Stevo Watson from 'Ace Magic Studios' deliver an online (Zoom) Dealer Demonstration for the Middlesbrough Circle.

Stevo is well known to us, being from Darlington and is was a treat to have him show some items from Ace Magic Studios.

Stevo has a very pleasant demonstration style and is not afraid to go into some detail on the effects that he demonstrated, many of which he had a hand in making himself.

The effects included...some Candy based appearance tricks, a great packet trick called 'Spread' which was a holiday prediction, Vegas Choice (prediction effect),

Flap Cards (useful in a colour changing deck routine), Change Card / F-Bomb (animated card effects), Prize Cards (and a kids version called 'career choice').

They continued...Like Rabbits (packet trick), Pull your Hare out (appearing rabbit on card effect with great giveaway), Royal Surgery (Zig Zag Queen),

ESP matching card effect (Paranormal), Teacan (any card at any number), Vino (animated wine glass), Gift Box to deck appearance, Film Nation (very well manufactured book test).

This was a great dealer demonstration and members rushed off to buy lots of items afterwards in the online store. There was even a free download.



Below are some stills from the dealer demonstration. Stevo Watson from Ace Magic Studios..


Picture by MY


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