The 'Andi Gladwin' Lecture

Monday 4th June 2018 saw 'Andi Gladwin' visit the Middlesbrough Circle.

Andi is one of the co-founders of Vanishing Inc. online magic store, along with Joshua Jay. We were very glad that he could find time in his performance schedule to treat us to a card magic lecture.

Andi opened with a vanishing watch, ring and £20 note in an envelope routine based on a Tommy Wonder effect.

He followed up with ‘Showdown’, a card effect where 4 Aces placed in a wine glass changed into 4 Jacks.

Andi performed a self-working card effect with 2 sleights! He had 2 spectators choose cards from each other’s portion of the deck and a third spectator choose a card from another portion of the deck. In less than five seconds, Andi revealed two of the cards from the shuffled deck, the third being in his pocket. He followed up with Aura which was another 3 chosen cards revealed effect.

He completed the first half with his ‘Silent Movie’ card effect where both he and a spectator found each other’s cards from a shuffled deck. This usually involved a musical soundtrack.

In the second half, Andi talked about Edward G. Brown, a magician from the 1940’s. He then showed us some of his magic starting with a gambling effect where poker hands made up from five randomly stopped at cards were dealt into two wine glasses and he ended up with a Royal Flush.

He then performed what he described as the ‘best card trick in the world’! This was a very clean cards across effect.

Andi showed five card moves in 5 minutes for the card experts, this was a comical section of the night leading to all club members receiving a digital download from Vanishing Inc. called Stop, Shuffle, Deal.

‘People Power’ was the next effect with 6 spectators on stage and written instructions in envelopes eliminated them from the stage until only one remained. This person matched a prediction made at the start of the effect.

To close the night, Andi performed his ‘Magic Square’ where a random number was chosen from a numbered deck of cards. He used a great board to display the revealed answer and explained the multiple outs for presenting the effect.

A great night of magic, particularly if you are interested in card magic with a relatively low level of skill required allowing you to concentrate on your performance.

A few items were on sale on the night and many items were purchased. It was a great night !


Below is a photo of Andi Gladwin


Picture by MY


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