'Best Trick Prize Night - 22'


Monday 17th September 2018 was the Middlesbrough Circles Bill Ripley's Best Trick Prize Night '22'. 9 competitors took part and the standard was extremely high.


Sheila McTiernan performed rose from silk handkerchief.

Jimmy Willis performed a prediction effect with 5 borrowed items from the audience and five numbered place cards.

Brian Lesko performed a copper, silver and chinese coin routine.

Martin performed a prediction effect with photos of US president's leading to a Mount Rushmore revelation.

Steve Lewis performed a cup and ball routine with flash cards and a real cup and ball.

Tom Daws performed a levitating popcorn effect which ended with him eating the popcorn.

James Baker performed a levitating and spinning coin on a playing card effect.

Gary Bainbridge performed a prediction card effect with a 'freely' chosen card appearing to be missing from a sealed deck only to be found in another sealed deck.

Neil Armstrong performed a silent, to music, 'follow the leader' effect with cards where two exchanged cards matched each other.


The eventual winner was Neil Armstrong who picked up the 25 prize along with the 'Top Hat' Trophy.

Congratulations to Neil and thanks to all of the performers for a fun evening.


Below is a photo of the Winner Neil Armstrong with the trophy presented by Bill Ripley (Sponsor).

Picture by MY.


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