'Best Trick Prize Night - 24'


Monday 16th September 2019 was the Middlesbrough Circles Bill Ripley's Best Trick Prize Night '24'. 9 competitors took part and the standard was extremely high.


Vera Woodward performed a prediction card effect where dealt cards matched her earlier prediction.

Brian Lesko rolled tissue paper into balls and lost them in his hat only to end with a sponge ball fountain.

Nimmo Clarke performed a couples card effect where each partner chose and then dealt to, and stopped at, the same card.

Tom Daws performed a Rubik's cube routine which he solve behind his back. Eventually, some broken pieces turned into Skittles sweets.

Steve Lewis performed a mentalism effect where a card chosen matched an earlier prediction in an envelope.

Norman Phillips had two spectators shuffle a deck many time but then dealt half to each and called, correctly, who had which cards.

Martin performed Chaos by Mathieu Bich in which a shuffled deck sorted itself into new deck order instantly.

Dan Roberts performed a 3 coin trick in which they kept reappearing until finally they vanished altogether.

James Baker performed a bank note change from a 10 to a 20 to a 50.


The eventual winner was Norman Phillips who picked up the 25 prize along with the 'Top Hat' Trophy.

Congratulations to Norman and thanks to all of the performers for a fun evening.


Below is a photo of the Winner Norman Phillips with the trophy presented by Bill Ripley (Sponsor).

Picture by MY.


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