Carl Royle 'How I Feed My Children' Lecture


Monday 1st October 2018 saw magician 'Carl Royle' visit the Middlesbrough Circle.

The lecture opened with the Gold Cup Con. A miniature chop cup routine done in the hands quickly followed by a named card stolen from behind the ear of a spectator.

Some elastic band work including a finger ring followed. Then came an ambitious card routine (ambitious interlude) which concluded with a card box reveal.

The first half contained a full set with explanations but Carl also threw in some card effects including 'Everywhere and Nowhere' cards where all cards appeared the same.

Two four ace tricks followed including a detective story where the aces were used to locate a chosen card.

In the second half, Carl opened with his 'imagination card' routine where a blank card became real. This was adapted from 'Imagine' by Sansminds.

There was then a lot of 'card index' work and explanations. A DVD was available with seven effects on it to download and watch.

'Pet Shop Imagination' was one such effect where a named pet appeared on a card in a 'Kennedy' style card box.

To finish the night, a deck of cards cut and some reversed helped a spectator choose a card. the reveal was a prediction handkerchief in Carl's top pocket.

The night was very well attended by members and a few visitors as well. It was a great night!

Some of Carl's effects were available for purchase and many were sold.


Below is a photo of Carl Royle


Picture by MY


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