The Mark Leveridge 'E-Club Pro' Lecture


Monday 27th May 2019 saw an old friend, Mark Leveridge visit the Middlesbrough Circle. He performed many effects from his online magic site.

Imagination - An 'invisible' deck routine which finishes with one actual card appearing inside a prediction envelope, a great opening effect.

Coin Purse Surprise - A half dollar coin appearance effect ending with a sponge ball in the purse.

In Flight Entertainment - 5 films on DVD's were shown, one vanished and reappeared in a prediction style effect.

Togetherness - Two names written on blank cards magically blend on to the same card.

The Moveless Move - A finger ring and string effect.

Beating the Odds - a card effect in which the cards are horses! A card prediction effect where the spectators horse wins the race.


Equally Equal Ropes - A magician fooling version of the 'Professors Nightmare' or Equal and Unequal Ropes effect.

Six Appeal - Six cards were eliminated one by one until only one was left. This fate or chance effect ended with a matching prediction.

Printable - Blank cards magically printed into a pre-determined playing card.

Ropey Rope (segment) - A silk on rope effect which is part of a larger routine.

Mark also included some very funny anecdotes from his shows as well as talking about E-Club Pro, his online magic website.

There were special offer rates for members on the night and many took him up on the offer!

Mark was, as usual, a very engaging speaker and it was a great lecture attended by many of the members.


Below is a photo of Mark Leveridge


Picture by MY


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