'Newcastle Magic Circle' Entertains


Monday 11h April 2022 saw the Newcastle Magic Circle entertain the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians.

There were 9 performers and a really good variety of magic seen.

Mick Redfearn (President), kicked things off with his Kids Magic culminating in a huge Die Box routine.

Nev Blenkinsopp performed a great coin routine.

Martin Duffy performed a lovely version of Dean's Box.

Bob Miller created a football themed mentalism act.

Robert Reed tried out some of his new comedy material and incorporated a mobile phone calculator effect.

In the 2nd half, James Piatt performed a card balancing routine.

Simon Jacobs performed a card effect where Jokers changes to Queens. This was from his new book 'Full disclosure'.

Ken 'Kendrick' Thornton performed a 'Hole Cards' effect and then his Cups 'n' Balls routine.

Tom Bolton from 'Magic Corner' in Durham performed some card effects culminating in a Harry Potter effect where a 'name prediction' was revealed very magically.

A great night and MCM are looking forward to visiting NMC later in the year to entertain their members.


Below are some photos taken on the night.


Picture by MY


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