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Message from the 2018 President - Nimmo Clarke

I am delighted to have been re-elected as President for Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians which is entering its 64th year, making it one of the oldest magic societies in the country. I don't want to give away my age but the Middlesbrough Circle and I were born in the same year! My interest in magic started when I was growing up in Newcastle Upon Tyne but a move to North Yorkshire and an introduction to the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians rekindled my passion for magic. I joined the Circle's Academy of Magic (or Prep Group as it was previously known) which gave me the confidence to learn new effects, but more importantly, I was taught how to improve my performance. The Academy has been the starting point for many of our members who now perform regularly including John Archer (who fooled 'Penn and Teller') and Pete Firman (Star of BBC's 'The Magicians'). Paul Daniels was one of our early members.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming society so, if you have an interest in magic, we would love to hear from you. We have a full programme for our twice monthly meetings throughout most of the year which includes themed nights, auctions, dealer demonstrations and visiting lecturers.

We also perform regularly at schools and societies in the local area bringing our Magic Roadshows into the community. If you are looking to organise an entertaining, fundraising event, please have a look at the link on this website.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are interested in joining the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians or booking a magic event, please get in touch with our Events Manager Eric Leonard on (01642) 898664 or (07900) 630729 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Nimmo Clarke.

The Presidential Chain




The names of the Presidents are listed on the Gold Bars on the chain alternating from the Presidents left to right as follows;


1954    J.N. Scott    1955    J.N. Scott (2)

1956    F.W. Hebblethwaite    1957    Donald Dickens    1958    Harry W. Thomas    1959    Peter Moreton    1960    William Ripley

1961    Ken Johnson    1962    F.W. Hebblethwaite (2)   1963    Graham Reed    1964    N.E. Daniels    1965    Alan Taylor

1966    Dell Johnson    1967    H.W. May    1968    Viv Rees    1969    Donald Dickens (2)   1970    Peter Moreton (2)

1971    A.S. Chapman    1972    Mark Warman    1973    Noel Brookes    1974    H.N. Wilkinson    1975    Martini

1976    Denis Templar    1977    Alan Ross    1978    Alan Taylor (2)   1979    Viv Rees (2)    1980    Neil Lynch

1981    Mark Warman (2)   1982    Peter Moreton (3)    1983    Dennis Wright    1984    Ken Mockford    1985    Martini (2)

1986    Alan Taylor (3)   1987    Johnny Mac & Sheila    1988    Denis Templar (2)   1989    G. McNeil    1990    Sheila McTiernan (2)

1991    Viv Rees (3)   1992    John Archer    1993    W.A. MacDonald    1994    Martini (3)   1995    Phil Smith

1996    D. Wright (2)   1997    Mike Smith    1998    Steven Ashcroft    1999    H.N. Wilkinson (2)   2000    E. Leonard

2001    N.A. Phillips    2002    G. Woodward    2003    S.A. Lewis    2004    Denis Templar (3)   2005    E. Leonard (2)

2006    Richard Cuthbert    2007    Alan Taylor (4)    2008    Martin Youngman    2009    Martin Youngman (2)   2010    Martin Youngman (3)

2011    Reg Heasley    2012    Reg Heasley (2)    2013    Steven Ashcroft (2)    2014    Steven Ashcroft (3)    2015    Steven Ashcroft (4)

2016    Nimmo Clarke    2017    Nimmo Clarke (2)


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