Steve Short - 'Supreme' Lecture


Monday 10th June 2019 saw 'Steve Short' visit the Middlesbrough Circle with his 'Supreme Magic Company' lecture.

The 1st half was a talk through the entire history of the Supreme Magic Company with a slideshow to accompany the many stories.

There were numerous photos and video clips of Edwin Hooper and Ian Adair performing and giving interviews.

The 2nd half was a demonstration of some of the Supreme Magic Company's magic tricks. They included;

Cube in the Tube - A die box effect where the die changed shape as the punch line.

Silken Lady and Wide Open Production Box.

Card Houlette and Cabaret KB Card Rise.

Mickey Mouse Tray.

Milk Surprise with Silks.

Silken Butterfly and Chinese Caddy.

Fantastic Frame and Caddy with Red, White and Blue Silks.

Steve also had his own effect '007 Pen' for sale which was a card prediction effect and many were sold.

This lecture was a great trip down memory lane for many of the members. It was a very well researched and put together lecture as you would expect from Steve. A great night!




Picture by MY


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