Wayne Fox 'ChatterFox' Lecture

Monday 2nd July 2018 saw 'Wayne Fox' visit the Middlesbrough Circle with his 'ChatterFox' lecture.

Wayne runs World Magic Shop.com online magic business along with David Penn. We were delighted that he was able to lecture for us.

Wayne opened with his torn and restored sugar packet effect followed by his '3 fly fox' coin routine. These are straight out of his close up magic act like most of what we saw.

Next he introduced us to the 'flick drift' move which took the breath away from many of the card magicians. He showed a 4 kings routine with a hole in the table patter and a colour change thrown in for luck.

He then performed a colour changing deck and a card to head effect using a deck switch and a TG Murphy Deck Flip.

Next came the 'King of Princes' routine. A signed card was lost in the deck and all cards spread out messily on the table. A card folded into a frog then flipped onto the cards to locate it before finally the frog turned into the signed card.

Wayne gave many thoughts on approaching tables, handling tables and the people on them.

He close the first half with 'Church Gate' where a thought of word on a business card was circled in a prediction effect.

Wayne opened the second half by doing a card effect where a card was placed on the table, the spectator named a card and that card was on the table!

He talked about his YouTube videos and their purpose in a world of many, many YouTube videos. Wayne then gave a quick demonstration of his linking sticks routine.

Wayne is well known for his 52 to 1 deck and he showed this quite a bit. He spread the deck asking people to look and cards and then named them. He could also cut to named cards etc. A great deck!

He finished with 'Full House', a magic square effect using a puzzle which was passed out. The big reveal was on his badge.

A few items were on sale on the night and many items were purchased. It was a great night!


Below is a photo of Wayne Fox


Picture by MY


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